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Suit top pocket square folding method (super detailed illustrations)

Jun 21,2023 | EMPEROCADE

When it comes to accessories for suits, apart from bow ties and neckties, there is another essential accessory that is always forgotten - the pocket square. The pocket square not only can look more elegant, but also will add the male extraordinary temperament. I have compiled 5 kinds of suit tops pocket square folding method, quickly learn it ~ ~


A, Presidential Fold

【Applicable occasions】Business dress code, more formal occasions.
【Suitable with】This folding method is easy to fold the cotton texture is good, and the classic white is the best.
【Folding tips】Fold the square towel into a square suitable for the width of the pocket, tuck the edge inward into the pocket, revealing the pocket level direct view of about 1 cm is appropriate.

B, One-Point Fold

【Applicable occasions】Fashion parties and friends and family gatherings and other more casual occasions
【Suitable match】 Brightly colored silk square scarf
【Folding tips】Fold the square in half, arrange it into a triangle, and finally contract both sides of the pocket scarf inward to create a 90-degree square triangle.

C, The Two-Point Fold

【Applicable occasions】Formal occasions.

【Suitable match】The style is not suitable for too fancy square scarf style, solid color, simple stripes, polka dots is better.

【Folding tips】Fold the handkerchief diagonally and tuck it into the pocket with the sharp corners on top and make sure it looks flat.

D、The Three-Point Fold

【Applicable occasions】Serious formal occasions.
【Suitable match】Not suitable for too fancy square scarf style, simple stripes, polka dots for plus. The white linen square scarf with this folding method is the most solemn kind of etiquette requirement.
【Folding tips】Fold the handkerchief diagonally and tuck it into the pocket with the corner tips staggered and flat, the key is to make sure it looks flat and proper.

E, The Puff Fold

【Applicable occasions】Business occasions and casual friends gathering.
【Suitable match】The square scarf style is recommended for classic floral and grass patterns, paisley patterns, plaid, polka dots, not too suitable for dresses.
【Folding tips】Folding can be casual, but adjust it more when tucking it in your pocket. The exposed part should not be too much.


1、Use occasion

If you attend a business meeting with a high-ranking boss, you'd better not use the pocket towel. This is an unspoken rule in the workplace, so that others can not distinguish who is the boss in the end.

2, material matching

Silk ties should be matched with linen scarves, woolen ties with silk scarves. So that a whole set of styling will look better.

3, color matching

There are colors of pocket square should echo or match the color and pattern of the tie, can not press over the tie.

The use of suit pocket scarf can instantly pull up your dress fashion degree, is the overall collocation of the finishing touch of the small accessories. In fact, the folding method is not difficult, practice a few times can be ~.