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About us

For too long we’ve been expected to conform, behave a certain way, be someone else...We are expected to hide our real selves, our true feelings, our identity...Societal pressure is a bitch!

We created EMPEROCADE to free ourselves from the inside out, starting with our inner-most thoughts and our inner-most clothing... to stop hiding, be it our identity or our wear. We’re ready to put an end to those feelings of embarrassment, shame, not being good enough or worthy of real connection.

Someone decided centuries ago that vulnerability is a weakness and we let that rule us. It’s time to flip the script and proclaim vulnerability as a strength!

Embrace your quirks, celebrate diversity of identities and expression, not just bodies, colors, genders, sizes, but the superpower that is self-discovery and self-celebration!

BE vulnerable BE yourself BE EMPEROCADE

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